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Confessions · of · a · Mean · Girl

Diaries From the 268

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Because I think I fucked up BIGTIME and it's been this way for 2 weeks......AH!

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Most of my journal entries are for FRIENDS only.  I have noticed a couple lurkers, so comment to stay.

For my future friends, comment to be added and I will most likely oblige.

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On Saturday night, Kev, the Carpe boys and some of my other friends came over for some drinks and beer pong.

A picture story below:
For some reason, I always like to wear my sunglasses when I'm drunk:

But it's cool, because Kevin does, too:

Some of the boys started to watch Saving Private Ryan, and I prevented this from happening by blasting Like a Virgin and having a dance party in front of the TV:

Here, I'm probably saying something like "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!"


Later that night, Kevin and I had sex without a condom for the first time.  And his VERY first time.

The next day, Kevin, the boys and I went back to West Springfield for a family's BBQ that they were playing at, the show was really cool.  The first time I have seen them play NOT in a battle of the bands-type setting, so their set was 2 hours long.  Mrs. Lang and I rocked out to our favorite band and bonded over Mai-Tai's and Coronas.  Getting in with the mom earns big points, I know so I was pretty excited.  Plus, his mom is the darlingest thing I ever met.  And likes to get drunk and dance on tables the the Rolling Stone's "Jumping Jack Flash"

Today, Kevin and I went on a walk at some resevior near his house.  I took manious pictures of baby geese and butterflies that we saw.  We got pretty hot doing all that walking, so we went to Coldstone Creamery afterwards (both of our first times) and went to the grocery store to get some stuff for the family cookout at the Lang residence.  Kevin and I ended up getting in a water fight in his nephew's kiddie pool and wound up drenching each other.  Whilst drying off upstairs, we ended up having sex with the windows open over the porch where his family was.  It was pretty hot, I must say.  And that was the luck number 7th time we had sex this weekend.

Things took a downward spiral on my way home when I got pulled over and got my first speeding ticket.  :( 

And as soon as I got home and peed,  I found a deer tick embedded on my inner thigh.

Sucky.  Now, I need to get to bed because I have to get up really early tomorrow for a 12-hour workdday.  Seriously shitty.

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How do you do a lj cut???
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